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Unattended Card Payments -  EMV compliant Hardware and Payment Gateway solutions

About Unattended Card Payment Inc.

Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP) is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in selling EMV compliant card payment terminals and pre-certified software for use in the North American region. 

After huge growth in the UK & European markets with our sister company Hemisphere West Europe Ltd, the decision was made to expand into the North American market and offer our signature brand of unbiased and honest advice to a marketplace only just beginning to adopt EMV technology.

Unattended Card Payments -  EMV compliant Hardware and Payment Gateway solutions
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Vertical markets in self-service

There are many types of self-service solutions being developed every day. The team at Unattended Card Payments Inc. has the experience to help you choose the right payment solution for any self-service scenario. 

The age of self-service is upon us. The team at Unattended Card Payments Inc. has the experience to help you choose the right payment solution for any self-service scenario. Let one of our experienced unattended payment specialists guide you to the right solution based on your unique needs. Below is a list of a few self-service market verticals in which we have helped companies find the perfect payment solution for them. 


           Bill Payment

Bill payment kiosks are becoming more popular among the nation's leading service providers. Telecommunication companies, utility companies, and various government agencies have been implementing self-service bill pay kiosks for years. Service providers typically want to offer their customers a wide variety of ways to pay. PIN debit card acceptance is a widely desirable feature in the bill pay kiosk market, and is something we are prepared to help with. Setting up recurring payments via a credit card at the kiosk is also a common requirement and is something we can provide. No matter what your bill pay kiosk needs are, we have the industry know-how and products to help you choose the right solution. 

         Retail Automation

You can tell from the ever-growing use cases that automation of retail sales through interactive kiosks isn’t going anywhere. One now finds retail kiosks selling a variety of products, from iPods and earphones in airports and malls to vending machines selling frozen yogurt or freshly baked pizzas. Credit card payment acceptance is the most crucial and reliable means to enable a retail kiosk to take a payment. Keeping an eye on the sales coming from your fleet of machines is important, so choosing a solution with a robust reporting tool is also important. These reports will help you make informed decisions on your kiosk placement among other things. 



There is a large selection of automated parking equipment providers out there. We have helped many of them in the U.S. and abroad integrate credit card payment solutions into their pay-on-foot and pay-in-lane machines. Some special consideration must be given to features specific to the parking industry to ensure the correct payment solution is used. Features like offline authorizations, and “store and forward” capabilities of the terminal and payment software are key. After all, you can’t lock the cars and people in the garage when your internet connectivity goes down, but you also don’t want to lose out on those transactions. 

         Event Ticketing 

Guest experience is at the top of the list when it comes to entertainment venues. Using kiosks to “bust lines” and expedite a guest’s box office experience is a good way to ensure better-than-average guest satisfaction. Unattended Card Payments Inc. offers payment software solutions with built-in support for unattended and attended terminals, making it an ideal fit for a mixed-use scenario such as box office ticketing. 


Cities all around the world have long since automated their fare purchasing systems. With self-service in transportation comes harsh environments and the need for truly ruggedized payment hardware. Transportation ticketing kiosks rank among the most used and abused self-service solution types out there. The corridors of subways and the platforms of train stations are full of debris like dirt and brake dust, so choosing hardware with a good Ingress Protection (IP) rating is important. 

        Equipment Rentals

Self-service solutions have been gaining traction in the equipment rental market for years. DVD rental machines pioneered the idea of utilizing kiosks to rent a variety of goods and services to customers. Now you can rent cars, lockers, sporting equipment, and tools, and even swap out propane tanks using automated rental kiosks. Tokenization is a very important feature for self-service rental companies to have in payment integration. Using tokens a company can bill for unplanned additional time equipment is out on rent, or for equipment that isn’t returned.

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