Thales Cogent CS500f Scanner

The Cogent Multi-finger Scanner CS500f offers a superior acquisition speed and USB 3.0 technology.

It’s a compact and FBI App-F certified 10-print device suitable for all applications in need of 4-slaps and rolled acquisition. The main applications are for eID document issuing and criminal identification.

An ergonomic design combined with an easy-to-integrate SDK architecture makes the Cogent Multi-finger Scanner CS500f the perfect choice for system integrators and solution providers.
A user interface based on 12 tri-color LEDs facilitates the acquisition procedure by indicating the fingerprint(s) to be acquired and providing quality feedback thus eliminating the necessity for skilled operators and therefore increasing workflow efficiency. 

The scanner can be provided with a Fake finger Detection Solution (software-based) in order to identify fake fingers. 

Thales Cogent CS500f Scanner