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Thales Cogent DactyScan40p Scanner

The Dactyscan40p is a compact FAP45 certified fingerprint scanner integrating 12 tri-color LEDs and a graphical user interface to facilitate the acquisition process. It applies to a wide range of applications where dual, rolled and flat fingerprint acquisition is required: eID enrolment, voter registration, border control, and other public authority-related applications.

The scanner can be provided with a Fake finger Detection Solution in order to identify fake fingers. This solution is software-based and does not require any hardware upgrade for the installed base.

Easy to use: Intuitive single finger scanner – Acquisition driven by a software interface explaining which finger to place and the result of acquisition 
User Interface: 3 colors LED interface
LFD: Patented technology for Liveness Detection
FBI PIV certified – FAP45
Easy Integration: MultiScan SDK - Multi OS compatibility – OEM module available
Flat&Rolled: it can acquire FLAT and ROLLED fingerprints

Thales Cogent DactyScan40p Scanner

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