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Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) is the safe and secure, technology-driven, customer-focused payment solution leader. We offer solutions for an array of verticals including: ticketing, transit, vending, retail self-checkout kiosks, financial kiosks, self-service, and banking. All backed by our unparalleled commitment to enhanced data security including the very latest in point-to-point encryption and tokenization.

Partner with EPX for your credit card processing today and enjoy a whole host of features and benefits you just won’t get from any other merchant services provider, including:

● Flexible and seamless integration.
● Access to a straight-through global platform.
● A robust, online merchant portal.
● Encrypted swipe.
● Increased processing speeds.
● Centralized and customized transaction reporting.
● Dedicated client services.
● Decreased risk exposure.
● Strengthened process reliability.
● Reduced potential points of failure.

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