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Ingenico Lane 8000

An enhanced, secure, sleek and smart checkout experience

  • Engage consumers with an extra-large multimedia touchscreen and user-friendly interface

  • Improve checkout experience with quick and easy payment options

  • Integrate it easily into any environment

  • Help reduce PCI-DSS audit scope with seamless semi-integrated configuration options

  • Increase payment security with a PCI PTS 5.x certified device


Designed for speed and efficiency, the Ingenico Lane 8000 creates new points of consumer engagement that improve brand loyalty and drive additional sales.

Future-proof payment security
PCI PTS 5.x certified, the Lane 8000 is designed to ensure long-term compliance. It uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof encryption and additional anti-theft systems, such as Kensington locks.

Support for all payment options
The Ingenico Lane 8000 supports EMV chip & PIN, EMV chip & sign, magstripe transactions and the broadest range of contactless/NFC, mobile wallet, and alternative payment methods. Each payment method is highlighted via illumination for easy and convenient use.

Consumer-friendly design enabling greater customer engagement
An intuitive, interactive device, the Ingenico Lane 8000 transforms the point of sale into a point of engagement. It offers the same user experience, touchscreen capabilities, and user-friendly interface as a tablet. Multimedia support is also available along with Bluetooth LE.

Lower total cost of ownership
Support for semi-integrated configurations simplifies compliance with the latest PCI DSS security standards while minimizing your compliance costs.

Industry-proven and reliable technology
Backed by over 35 years of development experience, the Telium TETRA operating system is the perfect combination of payment expertise and web-based design creativity. It offers powerful security mechanisms to protect transaction data.

Ingenico Lane 8000 Product Brochure

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