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Self 3000

Affordable solution for vending, EV charging or car wash self-service businesses


  • Robust, sleek, and space-saving design, easy
    to integrate indoor and outdoor use cases
    Multiple payment methods are supported including NFC/
    contactless, Chip without PIN, and magstripe
    Optimized for the contactless user experience

Two versions are available:


  • Basic: USB Slave and RS232 connectivity, easily
    replaces the iUC285 installed base.
    Standard: Extended Connectivity options (USB Host,
    USB Slave, ETH, MDB, Optional 4G LTE)

  • Easy integration: Can be integrated into a machine from the front or from the rear Compliant with EVA EPS (Standard Door Module) standard, the Self/3000 Basic can easily replace competitive solutions Supported by Ingenico’s suite of services Estate Manager & security solutions Hardware & Professional Services

Self 3000

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