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Meeting enterprise requirements for mobile point of sale.

  • iSMP4 Companion mPOS Device.
    The enterprise mPOS solution for flexibility in payment acceptance, connectivity and integration. Accept all of the latest methods of payment and enjoy Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity plus compatibility with any iOS, Android, Windows or Linux device.

  • Countertop Stand
    Quick and easy conversion of an iSMP4 to a stand-beside device. Use the available countertop stand to easily convert your iSMP4 handheld from a mobile device to a fixed and stand-beside card reader whenever needed.

  • Universal Tablet Enclosure
    Lightweight, ergonomic support and protection for an 8” tablet and the iSMP4. Easily carry an iSMP4 and tablet in one hand with this compact and lightweight enclosure that supports popular 8” tablets from Apple, Samsung, HP and Dell.

  • Holster
    Shoulder-strap or belt-clip holster with drop-in design for easy access. Add this optional holster for easy carrying and access to the iSMP4, including shoulder strap rings and an integrated, metal belt clip.

  • Multi-Bay & Single-Bay Docking Stations
    Power, communications and security for tablets and iSMP4 devices. Charge and secure your iSMP4 devices and 8” tablets with a multi-bay or singlebay docking station including a locking mechanism and support for USB and Ethernet communications.


User-friendly and ergonomic design

A sleek and compact device, the iSMP4 includes a 2.8” backlit color display–the largest in its class—to provide an optimal user experience, even in bright outdoor environments. An illuminated EMV slot guides consumer interactions.

The accompanying universal tablet enclosure fits a variety of popular 8” tablets without restricting users to a single device. The enclosure allows associates to carry a payment terminal and tablet in one hand, with a center gripping point and easy access to the iSMP4’s barcode scanner and the tablet’s camera.

Enterprise-grade performance and security

Equipped with an optional 1D/2D commercial-grade barcode scanner, featuring laser-aiming technology and low-profile launch buttons, the iSMP4 reliably scans loyalty cards, coupons, barcodes, QR codes and even driver’s licenses. Its long-lasting 2000mAh battery increases usability with support for a full workday, and the battery can be easily swapped out for rapid replacement.

The optional multi-bay or single-bay docking station enables simultaneous data communication and charging of the iSMP4 and a tablet, including an iSMP4 battery tester and the ability to charge additional spare batteries. Or simply use the iSMP4’s USB Type-C port to charge the device with the included charger and USB cable.

The docking station also provides an advanced locking system to secure all components with a tamper-resistant mounting for PCI 4.x compliance.

Wide range of connectivity and integration options

Built on the same platform as Ingenico Group’s full-featured payment devices, the iSMP4 provides a single integration across all your payment initiatives. Pair it with virtually any smartphone or tablet to convert it into a mobile point of sale, and connect it via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and physical pairing to enable integrated and semi-integrated options.


The iSMP4’s modular design and 10-pin connector also deliver robust physical connectivity for power and data communication, enabling integration with third-party mobile devices, cases, stands and docks.


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