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The TEAMSable APT-50 is a new generation smart terminal leading away from the old, bulky terminals!


  • Can be used as a stand alone mobile POS/Terminal or be semi-integrated with other widely used POS systems

  • Allows for pay-at-the-table and line-busting applications

  • Install your certified Point of Sale app to expand the units value for today’s modern Merchants

  • 5.5″ Touchscreen, onboard thermal printer and EMV/MSR/NFC reader enabled


Smart Terminal Features
This device starts with an extra durable 5.5” PCAP touchscreen, strong 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU and for speed utilizes a 1G DDR3 RAM with larger 1GB Local flash storage

Integrated Magnetic Stripe and EMV Readers
Keep your customer’s payment cards close while completing transactions with integrated MSR and EMV chip readers

Built-In Thermal Printer
Complete your transactions conveniently with on-the-spot receipt printing

Charging Dock Included
We ship with a sleek, mountable charging dock that securely cradles your device while charging


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