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Thales Gemalto Document Reader QS2000

Thales Gemalto Document Reader QS2000 is a highly reliable and durable full-page document reader, part of our document reader solutions, designed specifically for commercial markets.

Its compact size and contemporary design combined with fast data capture of passports, identity documents, driving licenses, and other IDs make it ideal for commercial applications when you just have a couple of seconds for:

The Gemalto Document Reader QS2000 has a large open document area and an ergonomic sloping front making document scanning a breeze.

Optional RFID support allows the user to view and verify the embedded chip data in ePassports, eIDs and driving licences, helping ensure the document is genuine.

Machine-readable zone (MRZ) and barcode reading is also included, automatically capturing the document and decoding it.

Designed to offer high reliability in environments requiring image capture and data entry:

  • hotels,

  • casinos,

  • liquor stores,

  • bars,


Thales Gemalto Document Reader QS2000

SKU: XSPV5500000000

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