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  • 5 Brilliant Ways Self-Service Kiosks Transform Business

    In the fast-paced world of advancements, self-service kiosks have emerged as game-changers, revolutionizing the modern business landscape. Self-service kiosks elevate businesses across industries by boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately delivering unmatched customer satisfaction. Continue reading as we explore five ways in which businesses have harnessed the potential of self-service kiosks, supported by real-world examples. 1. The Culinary Renaissance; Reinventing Dining Experiences Self-service kiosks have ignited a renaissance in the realm of dining establishments. From quick-service restaurants to cafes and upscale eateries, these kiosks have transformed the way people enjoy their meals. Customers now have the freedom to personalize their adventures, customize orders, and make payments at their convenience. This not only lightens the load on house staff but also reduces order errors significantly. Take McDonald's as a case in point—a giant that has seamlessly integrated self-service kiosks into its outlets to provide customers with an effortlessly efficient ordering process while easing peak-hour workforce strain. 2. Travel and Hospitality with Ease The implementation of self-service kiosks has become vital in the travel and hospitality business due to the convenience they offer to customers. Numerous airports, hotels, and car rental agencies have eagerly adopted this shift to enhance the traveler's experience. Now, flight check-in can be completed quickly and efficiently, with boarding passes obtained and preferred seats chosen without the hassle of waiting in lines at traditional check-in counters. Hotels have also embraced these kiosks to expedite the check-in and check-out process, making guests' stays hassle-free. One shining example is Hilton Hotels, which has deployed self-service kiosks in properties, allowing guests to breeze through the check-in process smoothly. 3. Elevated Retail Experience In the realm of self-service kiosks, the shopping experience for customers has been revolutionized. They provide a captivating way for shoppers to explore product catalogs, access information about products, check availability, and even make purchases without needing assistance from sales associates. A great example is H&M, a fashion giant that uses self-service kiosks to invite customers to explore and purchase items that may not be physically available in the store. This creates a personalized shopping experience. 4. Exploring the Magic of Kiosks for Sharing Knowledge Museums, visitor centers, and educational institutions have embraced the use of self-service kiosks for sharing knowledge. Now, visitors can embark on journeys, accessing maps, delving into exhibits, and immersing themselves in multimedia content at their own pace. A shining example of this can be seen at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where self-service kiosks guide visitors on voyages through their collection and offer profound insights into the exhibits. 5. Enhancing the Thrill of Seasonal Adventures In places like ski resorts and amusement parks that thrive on attractions, self-service kiosks have brought about a transformation. Imagine the atmosphere of a ski resort during winter—a hub for enthusiasts. Self-service kiosks now enable the acquisition of lift tickets, access to trail maps, and seamless registration for lessons or equipment rentals. The result? Reduced waiting times at ticket booths and visitors enjoying their time on the slopes to the fullest. Aspen Snowmass, a ski resort, serves as an example as it utilizes self-service kiosks to provide skiers and snowboarders with an uninterrupted experience from their arrival at the base of the mountain to exhilarating descents down its slopes. The real-world examples we covered clearly demonstrate how companies have successfully utilized self-service kiosks to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. In today's evolving landscape, it is essential for businesses to embrace these innovative solutions to thrive and adapt.

  • Commercial Hardware vs. COTS Devices: What You Need to Know

    Big businesses, with their high demands for capabilities and reliability, often prefer commercial-grade POS systems. While Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software and SoftPOS (Software Point of Sale) solutions are valuable for small businesses, such as a vendor at a farmers' market, due to their affordability and ease of implementation, they may not always match the robustness and reliability of custom-built solutions, especially in specific scenarios. Here are some reasons why COTS and SoftPOS solutions may not be as robust as commercial-grade alternatives: Limited Customization COTS and SoftPOS solutions are designed to cater to a wide range of businesses, but they may not fulfill highly specific or unique business requirements. Scalability Issues in Point of Sale (POS): As businesses grow and evolve, their needs change, and COTS and SoftPOS solutions may not always scale effectively to accommodate increasing transaction volumes, multiple locations, or complex operations. Lack of Industry-Specific Features in POS Software: Commercial-grade solutions are often tailored for specific industries like retail, hospitality, or healthcare. COTS software may lack specialized features and integrations required for these industries. Security Concerns in POS: Commercial-grade payment hardware often have advanced security features and are compliant with industry standards and regulations like PC-PTS specification. COTS and SoftPOS solutions may not meet these high-security standards. Reliability and Performance in POS Systems: Commercial-grade solutions are rigorously tested for reliability and performance. They are optimized to handle high transaction loads with minimal downtime. COTS and SoftPOS solutions may not offer the same level of reliability. For self-service devices positioned in high-traffic locations, durability is paramount. These devices must stand up to the elements and withstand user abuse, and this is where commercial-grade solutions excel. They are engineered to endure the harshest conditions and maintain optimal performance, a feat that COTS devices can rarely achieve. When reliability and robustness are non-negotiable, commercial-grade solutions remain the superior choice for demanding environments. Integration Challenges in Point of Sale Systems: Integrating COTS and SoftPOS solutions with other enterprise systems, such as inventory management and customer relationship management, can be complex and may require custom development work. Vendor Lock-In in POS: Businesses that rely on COTS or SoftPOS solutions may face vendor lock-in, making it challenging to switch providers or migrate to custom solutions in the future. Limited Support for POS Software: Support for COTS or SoftPOS solutions may be more limited or dependent on community forums. Where commercial-grade solutions often come with dedicated support teams, service-level agreements, and continuous updates. Regulatory Compliance for Point of Sale: Businesses in highly regulated industries, like finance and healthcare, may struggle to ensure that COTS or SoftPOS solutions comply with specific regulatory requirements. Competitive Advantage with Custom POS Systems: Custom-built commercial-grade payment hardware can provide a competitive advantage by offering unique features or capabilities that differentiate a business from its competitors. COTS solutions may not offer the same level of differentiation. Long-Term Costs of POS Implementation: While COTS and SoftPOS solutions are cost-effective upfront, businesses may incur higher long-term costs due to the need for workarounds, additional software, or ongoing support to address limitations. Inflexibility in COTS Solutions: COTS solutions are typically designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. However, this simplicity can lead to a lack of flexibility, making it challenging to adapt the software to specific business processes. In summary, while COTS and SoftPOS solutions are suitable for smaller businesses, like independent contractors or a farmers market merchant, they may not provide the depth of customization, scalability, security, and industry-specific features that commercial-grade options offer. When considering software solutions, businesses should assess their unique requirements, long-term goals, and regulatory needs to determine whether a commercial-grade or COTS/SoftPOS solution is the right fit.

  • Seamless Transition: Ingenico iUC285 and Self 3000 in Focus

    Ingenico's iUC285 has been a reliable and popular payment device, but with the introduction of the Self 3000, it's time to embrace the future. The Self 3000 serves as the intended replacement for the iUC285, offering enhanced features and functionality. The best part? Clients currently using the iUC285 can seamlessly transition to the Self 3000 without the need for enclosure redesign, thanks to their identical mount features. Multiple gateway partners we work with have certified and fully support the Self 3000 solution with US processors. Call us to discuss your gateway and processor options. Enhanced Features and Functionality: The Self 3000 offers an array of advanced features to meet the evolving needs of businesses. From improved security measures to enhanced user experience, this new device packs a punch. With its sleek design, intuitive interface, and robust performance, the Self 3000 elevates the self-service payment experience for both customers and merchants alike. UCP still has iUC285s in stock for all those who need them, and our dedicated sales team is also ready to support you with your migration to the Self 3000. Contact us today to learn more about the availability and benefits of the Self 3000, and let us help you plan your upgrade to this next-generation device. Call today! 702-802-3504 or email

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  • Unattended Card Payments Inc. | EMV-compliant Hardware & Software Solutions in NA

    SPECIALISTS IN ACCEPTING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS Unattended Card Payments Inc. specializes in EMV-compliant hardware and payment gateway solutions for both attended and unattended card payment terminals across North America. Our commitment to providing secure and reliable payment solutions sets us apart in the field of card payment technology. OUR PRODUCTS ATTENDED UNATTENDED MOBILE IDENTIFICATION PRINTERS COINS OUR MISSION Working with our partner suppliers we offer off-the-shelf, pre-certified EMV and PCI-DSS-compliant solutions. We help our clients understand their options and select the best fit for their application. We are not tied to one manufacturer or solution provider and pride ourselves on being able to provide independent and informed recommendations to our customers. ​ UCP was formed based on 20 years of experience in the UK and European markets, during which time EMV technology was first introduced. In partnership with our sister company, Hemisphere West Europe Ltd , we are well-positioned to offer advice and help our clients seeking to operate in either region. Contact us today for a free consultation! CONTACT US WE'RE WITH YOU THROUGH EVERY STEP OF THE PROCESS... Behind the scenes At UCP, we're dedicated to putting you in the spotlight. We're ready to handle the printing and inclusion of your packing slips or invoices with every shipment, ensuring that you receive the recognition you deserve. Just share your preferred PDF content with us, and we'll make it happen. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Your Materials Do you require a quick start guide or troubleshooting documentation to accompany your orders? Our service extends to including additional materials such as pamphlets, flash drives, stands, and mounting hardware. Based on the nature of the item, we can facilitate printing or secure storage, ensuring they are dispatched with your shipments for an enhanced customer experience and seamless order processing. Delivery Scheduling ​ Collaborate with our order fulfilment experts to guarantee prompt deliveries for your clients. Coordinating field technicians for the installation of new hardware, including payment terminals and self-service kiosks, can be a complex task. However, our dedicated team can assist you in devising and maintaining an up-to-date schedule, ensuring seamless operations and efficient payment processing. Documentation Efficient organization is the backbone of a successful business. Count on us to consistently provide the essential documentation you require to keep your business operations running seamlessly. Our meticulous documentation process covers serial numbers and tracking numbers for your shipments, ensuring that you have complete visibility into your product inventory and their locations. Procssor Partners Our Processor Partners Here at Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP), we like to make things easy for our clients. Helpful tips on how to streamline the quote process: ​ ​ ​ Be prepared to provide your business name and contact information. Be able to provide a detailed description of your business. Have an idea of your average transaction value and the number of transactions per month you might need. What types of payments do you want to accept? (Credit, Debit, ApplePay, or other Digital Wallets) What card brands do you want to accept? (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) Lastly, if you have any historical data from a previous merchant account or other location that is very helpful. OUR LATEST NEWS 5 Brilliant Ways Self-Service Kiosks Transform Business Commercial Hardware vs. COTS Devices: What You Need to Know Seamless Transition: Ingenico iUC285 and Self 3000 in Focus Using Facial Matching + Document Authentication on Self-Service Kiosks Biometric Kiosks – Thales Biometric Devices Now Available at UCP! TESTIMONIALS UCP provided key injection services for the PIN pads in INIT's ticket vending machines as part of the processor migration project in Honolulu. UCP went above and beyond to help us resolve issues when our payment gateway provider and new processor were unable to assist! UCP is a valued INIT partner! Ipolani Tano Init USA Alps Innovations has been working with the UCP team since 8 years and we have received the best after sales product support and advise from them. Each and every member of the team are prompt and super responsive hence taking away the stress of waiting for a reply during critical times. Anyone in operations would understand how helpful this can be. For some custom projects we received out of the box advise and solutions which is not so common in the market. Thank you to Rob and the entire team at UCP and we look forward to doing a lot more business together. Arunava Dastidar Alps Innovations / Magex USA ​ UCP Inc's deep understanding of the intricacies of unattended hardware is evident in every interaction our team has with them. They provided comprehensive insights and guidance, ensuring that we are well-informed and confident in our decisions. Their expertise instills a sense of trust and reliability that is invaluable in the world of technology solutions. Lacey Frenzl VP of Customer Experience, isvPay The entire team at Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP), listens to our company’s needs and responds accordingly. UCP is the market leader as it relates to servicing our accounts. They have taken the time to learn our requirements and often make cost-saving recommendations based on that knowledge. Sales and Technical support are always available; their documentation is second to none. UCP provides VLocker a strong competitive edge when responding to our customers' needs. UCP’s corporate culture is unique in the card processing industry in that they carry forward many of the disciplines that have served them and their customers so well in their 10 years in business. At the same time, they are constantly pursuing the latest in process improvements and continue to innovate as the market demands. Great people, great products, and great service…that’s why VLocker buys from Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP). Steven Wooley CFO, VLNA LLC READ MORE UCP is a great company to work with. They are extremely responsive and they know their product line inside and out. When I have a question they get back to me within minutes, not days. Ordering is easy and the product is delivered on time. I may be the Kiosk Guy but Rob Chilcoat is the Payments Guy. I don't move on anything payment related without talking to Rob at UCP. I bypass trying to resell Rob's expertise, I bring him into everything as a full partner in every payment kiosk that comes across my desk, PERIOD! Ranov Amundson Technology Manager, Frank Mayer & ASSOC Ben Wheeler We were babes in the woods. UCP helped us navigate the complex methods of gaining EMV compliance. We found them knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. They are a great partner. Kevin Young President, AllKiosks We've worked with UCP on several unattended projects over the years. Their fast, friendly service, coupled with their knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond, is unparalleled. More importantly, they treat you like you are family and have a genuine interest in your success. Kenny Trythall President, AprvPay Powertech has worked with UCP for the past few years on two point-of-sale projects. UCP is always responsive and helpful, going out of their way to provide technical guidance and support. They have also been a strong team player, working closely with our software developers to make our projects happen. UCP is a solid and reliable partner, and the people at UCP are always a pleasure to work with. Karin Garandza Electrical Engineer, Powertech Labs Inc

  • Worldpay | Unattended Card Payments Inc.

    WORLDPAY ​The Worldpay from FIS solution suite is part of the FIS Merchant Solutions business, which serves merchants and eCommerce providers. We have been serving the needs of all types of businesses for over 40 years, with a client roster that includes some of the best-known names in grocery, retail, casual dining, quick service restaurant and online services. We focus on helping businesses achieve more sales by accepting a variety of payment types quickly, reliably and securely. Whether your customers shop in-store or online, they want a convenient, secure, seamless transaction experience. VISIT WEBSITE Our solutions help you serve your customers better, grow sales and simplify the way you run your business. Our extensive risk and security solutions include EMV support, encryption, tokenization and breach assistance – helping to provide protection to your business and building trust with your customers. Worldpay from FIS stays ahead of how the world is evolving to power businesses, across merchants, banking and capital markets, to outpace today’s fast-changing competitive landscape and help our clients run, grow and achieve more for their business.

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