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  • Using Facial Matching + Document Authentication on Self-Service Kiosks

    As businesses depend more on self-service kiosks to shorten lines, minimize personnel needs, and offer age-restricted items; they must carefully consider improving security and offer an efficient solution to validate the identity of their customers. Thankfully, ID authentication technology is broadening these capabilities with solutions that enable these unmanned stations to support use cases like enrollment, hotel check-in and check-out, building access, financial transactions, airport security, marijuana and alcohol dispensing, pharmaceutical pick-up, and more. A new era for self-service kiosks When consumers think of self-service kiosks, they frequently picture retail self-checkout stations or ATMs, but kiosk manufacturers and software integrators have made far more "lightweight" installations feasible. Kiosk applications exist that use a simple mount for a camera-equipped laptop or can simply sit on a desk. A kiosk station with very sophisticated ID authentication capabilities may be placed for a lot less money and with a smaller footprint than people think, even with the addition of an ID card reader or a badge printer. Contrary to what you would think, this kiosk technology is easily deployable in more locations and for a multitude of uses. How does it work? This solution combines the power of Thales’s Facial Matching Platform with its trusted document readers to authenticate individuals against their presented ID document – proving ownership, validity, and authenticity. Facial Matching + Document Authentication

  • Biometric Kiosks – Thales Biometric Devices Now Available at UCP!

    Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP) has announced the expansion of its product portfolio to include Thales document readers and biometric scanners. In today’s digital world where self-service is common, there is a need to provide different industries with products that address Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Multiple industries need a safe and secure way to ensure KYC compliance at their kiosks. Popular airport kiosks used for expedited security line access and border crossings are just two examples of document readers and biometric scanners being used in self-service. Other industries such as gaming, hospitality, and age-restricted retail also need a solution for automated KYC. Thales’s line of document readers and their proprietary software can read and compare identification documents against an expansive and up-to-date worldwide library of government-issued ID templates. Their readers take multiple high-resolution images of ID documents like passports and ID cards and check the image for embedded security features against the issuer’s template to authenticate the document. When used in combination with ID authentication and identity-verification software, integrators can go a step further and ping supported ID issuer databases to confirm the legitimacy of the document.

  • The End of Signatures for Credit Transactions

    If you live in the US and use a credit card for in-store purchases you are probably used to signing your name or, if you are like me, scribbling on a receipt or electronic signature pad in order to complete the transaction. You have also probably thought to yourself, is this really necessary, is this adding any extra security against someone using my card without my consent? When you stop and think about it the answer is… no, it doesn’t. While it would be much more secure to do what most other countries have done and assign PINs to credit cards just like our debit cards have, the US card issuers thought chip and signature would provide smoother migration to EMV. With the switch to EMV chip cards, the card issuers have security measures in place that are exponentially better than that of the old magstripe cards. Due to this, all major card brands have announced that they are dropping the signature requirement for credit purchases in North America. The four major card brands in the US, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are changing the requirements for credit card signatures effective April 2018. Each card issuer is adding new rules or amending the old ones regarding signatures. Being asked to sign for your credit card purchase won’t stop across the board but starting April 2018 you can expect it to occur a lot less frequently. Card fraud at merchant locations using EMV card terminals has fallen by two-thirds according to Visa so I think it’s safe to say that over the past 2 plus years the chips have done their job. All this said, there are still a ton of merchants out there who have not yet made the EMV migration and for them, the signatures remain. The most common reason these merchants have not made the switch is cost. While the EMV-capable terminals can be costly, they are a worthwhile investment. Not only will a merchant be able to stop hassling their customers by using a pen that never seems to write on the receipt or trying to sign their name using an electronic signature pad they are protecting themselves against being liable for fraudulent card present transactions. That’s right merchants who are still using magstripe, think of the cost associated in making the EMV migration as insurance because you would never start a business without being insured right?

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  • Payment Gateway | Unattended Card Payments Inc.

    PRODUCT DATASHEETS Unattended Devices Self 3000 Self 4000 IUC285 iself Series V4 Open 1500 Iself Controller Series A AMP 6500 UX Series VP6300 OTI Telebox Self 2000 Self 5000 Self 7000 & 8000 Iself Series Combo Open 2500 PAX IM30 VP6800 OTI Trio IQ OTI Trio Mobile PAX A35 Axium EX 8000 Link 2500 Move 5000 PAX A77 APT-50 AMP - The 8000 Quest III E280 Axium DX8000-5 Axium DX8000-2 ISMP4 PAX A920 Pro PAX A60 APT 40-Mini V400M E285 Attended Devices Lane 3600 Axium RX 7000 Lane 7000 Lane 8000 Lane 5000 Lane 3000 Desk 3500 Verifone P200 Verifone P400 Verifone M400 PAX A30 PAX A35 ID Tech Augusta Identification Solutions CR5400 CR100 & CR100M KR9000 QS2000 AT10K AT9000 Cogent CS500f Scanner Cogent CSD101i Scanner DactyScan40p Scanner Specialty Printers eXtendo X-80 eXtendo X-56 C-56 Thermal Printer eXtendo XF Coin Products E101 / E105 SRT 800 CIS100/CIF100 ES006 ES005 CH 800 Series ES003 EMP800 v7 Series

  • Unattended Card Payments Inc. | EMV-compliant Hardware & Software Solutions in NA

    SPECIALISTS IN ACCEPTING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS Unattended Card Payments Inc. are specialists in EMV-compliant Hardware & Software Solutions for attended and unattended use cases in the North American market. OUR PRODUCTS ATTENDED Unattended card payment terminal provided by UCP Inc. with EMV compliance and secure payment gateway solutions." UNATTENDED Unattended card payment terminal provided by UCP Inc. with EMV compliance and secure payment gateway solutions." MOBILE IDENTIFICATION Unattended card payment terminal provided by UCP Inc. with EMV compliance and secure payment gateway solutions." PRINTERS Unattended card payment terminal provided by UCP Inc. with EMV compliance and secure payment gateway solutions." COINS Unattended card payment terminal provided by UCP Inc. with EMV compliance and secure payment gateway solutions." OUR MISSION Working with our partner suppliers we offer off-the-shelf, pre-certified EMV and PCI-DSS-compliant solutions. We help our clients understand their options and select the best fit for their application. We are not tied to one manufacturer or solution provider and pride ourselves on being able to provide independent and informed recommendations to our customers. ​ UCP was formed based on 20 years of experience in the UK and European markets, during which time EMV technology was first introduced. In partnership with our sister company, Hemisphere West Europe Ltd , we are well-positioned to offer advice and help our clients seeking to operate in either region. Contact us today for a free consultation! CONTACT US WE'RE WITH YOU THROUGH EVERY STEP OF THE PROCESS... Behind the scenes You can be the star of the show. At UCP we can take a back seat and let you be the hero. We are prepared to print and include your packing slips or invoices with your shipment so you get the recognition you deserve. Just send us a PDF of what you want to be included and we can make that happen. ​ ​ Your Materials Do you have a quick start guide or troubleshooting document you want sent out with your orders? We can include any additional materials like pamphlets, flash drives, stands, or mounting hardware. Depending on what it is we can either print it, or store it and make sure it goes out with your shipments. Delivery Scheduling Let our order fulfilment department work with you to ensure your clients receive their shipments right on time. It can be tough coordinating field technicians for installing new hardware, but we can help. Our team can work with you to create a schedule and keep it up to date with important information. Documentation Organization of information is key to the success of any business. You will always receive the documentation we know you need to keep your business running smoothly. We thoroughly document serial numbers and tracking numbers for your shipments so you always know what product you have, and where. Procssor Partners Our Processor Partners Here at Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP), we like to make things easy for our clients. Helpful tips on how to streamline the quote process: ​ ​ ​ Be prepared to provide your business name and contact information. Be able to provide a detailed description of your business. Have an idea of your average transaction value and the number of transactions per month you might need. What types of payments do you want to accept? (Credit, Debit, ApplePay, or other Digital Wallets) What card brands do you want to accept? (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) Lastly, if you have any historical data from a previous merchant account or other location that is very helpful. OUR LATEST NEWS Using Facial Matching + Document Authentication on Self-Service Kiosks Biometric Kiosks – Thales Biometric Devices Now Available at UCP! The End of Signatures for Credit Transactions Growth in The Self-Service Kiosk Market Everything You Need to Know About the Chip Shortage TESTIMONIALS Powertech has worked with UCP for the past few years on two point-of-sale projects. UCP is always responsive and helpful, going out of their way to provide technical guidance and support. They have also been a strong team player, working closely with our software developers to make our projects happen. UCP is a solid and reliable partner, and the people at UCP are always a pleasure to work with. Karin Garandza Electrical Engineer, Powertech Labs Inc The entire team at Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP), listens to our company’s needs and responds accordingly. UCP is the market leader as it relates to servicing our accounts. They have taken the time to learn our requirements and often make cost-saving recommendations based on that knowledge. Sales and Technical support are always available; their documentation is second to none. UCP provides VLocker a strong competitive edge when responding to our customers' needs. UCP’s corporate culture is unique in the card processing industry in that they carry forward many of the disciplines that have served them and their customers so well in their 10 years in business. At the same time, they are constantly pursuing the latest in process improvements and continue to innovate as the market demands. Great people, great products, and great service…that’s why VLocker buys from Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP). Steven Wooley CFO, VLNA LLC READ MORE UCP is a great company to work with. They are extremely responsive and they know their product line inside and out. When I have a question they get back to me within minutes, not days. Ordering is easy and the product is delivered on time. I may be the Kiosk Guy but Rob Chilcoat is the Payments Guy. I don't move on anything payment related without talking to Rob at UCP. I bypass trying to resell Rob's expertise, I bring him into everything as a full partner in every payment kiosk that comes across my desk, PERIOD! Ranov Amundson Technology Manager, Frank Mayer & ASSOC Ben Wheeler We were babes in the woods. UCP helped us navigate the complex methods of gaining EMV compliance. We found them knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. They are a great partner. Kevin Young President, AllKiosks We've worked with UCP on several unattended projects over the years. Their fast, friendly service, coupled with their knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond, is unparalleled. More importantly, they treat you like you are family and have a genuine interest in your success. Kenny Trythall President, AprvPay

  • 404 | UCP Inc.

    There’s Nothing Here... We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check the URL, or head back home. Go Home

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