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Self 2000

Part of the new Self series range, the Ingenico Self 2000 is the best-in-class secured contactless only terminal designed to grow your self-service business (vending, EV charging…).


  • Accept any contactless payment method as well as alternative QR code based ones – thanks to its embedded camera

  • Improve the customer experience with the best in class unattended terminal (color touch screen, camera, sound)

  • Simplify the terminal integration, operating and scalability over the years

  • Cut complexity in payment and security implementation thanks to a full PCI PTS v5 configuration


Highest Security
Fully PCI PTS 5.x compliant, the Ingenico Self 2000 meets the highest and latest hardware and software mandatory requirements. It is also complies with SRED and provides flexible options with Open Protocol modules. The Self/2000 – which include the PIN on screen capability (PIN on Line verification where available) – is the best solution to face the PSD2 European regulation. Using a secure payment device will increase the consumer’s trust and will preserve your brand’s reputation.

Contactless Payment
The Ingenico Self 2000 includes facilitating Tap ‘n Pay transactions initiated by contactless EMV cards, NFC based smart phone digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) and consumer wearables (Apple watch, Samsung watch, etc).

QR Code Management
The Self/2000 accepts, thanks to its integrated camera, alternative payment methods based on existing and future QR codes (AliPay or WeChat Pay, etc.). The camera image is displayed directly on the Self/2000 screen to facilitate scanning the QR codes.

Easy to See, Easy to Work
The solution provide a simple and easy-to-use customer interface with the color capacitive touchscreen display, making their use a pleasureful experience. By connecting an external speaker to the Self/2000, broadcasting sound messages or sound effects (WAV format) makes using the Self/2000 even more attractive. Thanks to the sleek & compact design, transactions are simpler and faster.

Highly Ruggedized
Waterproof (IP65) and durable (IK09), the Self/2000 can be installed in protected or semi-protected spaces, both indoors and outdoors, as long as the terminal is protected against runoff and direct sunlight, ensuring that the screen is readable.

Easy Mechanical Integration
Thanks to its compact size (EVA SDM format) and design, the Ingenico Self 2000 can be integrated into a machine from the front or rear, depending on the machine design or the installer’s choices. Compliant with EVA SDM standard, the Self/2000 can easily replace the IUC180B (contactless only device on the former range).

Staying Connected Easily
With many connectors included in standard, the Self/2000 can be easily connected into any type of machine. To enhance flexibility, add-on boxes can be added at any time, extending the capabilities of the Self/2000 by adding MDB connectors (for vending or parking use cases), Bluetooth, 4G dual SIM connectivity and potentially 5G in the future.

Compatible with Ingenico’s suite of services
Keeping the solutions connected, the Self/2000 works in unison with Ingenico’s supporting service platforms, meaning integrators & operators can easily operate the fleet without complexity. Software updates and day-to-day support deliver a hassle-free experience for those using this innovative range.

Future Proof
All Ingenico’ s software components for unattended terminals coming from Telium 2 (including the MDB, EXE vending protocols…) are now available for TETRA to facilitate the continuity of current business. With its add-on boxes, the Self/x000 is natively scalable to integrate new technologies. Choosing the Self/x000 terminals is choosing the best way to face the future evolutions and warranty the sustainability of your investment.

Self 2000

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