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What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a solution that allows a POS or kiosk application access to one or more processing platforms. Gateway providers often offer additional services and features centering on data security thereby limiting a POS or kiosk application’s PCI security burden.

How do I integrate with a Payment Gateway?

There are many companies offering feature-rich SDKs for POS and kiosk application designers which greatly reduce the complexity of accepting credit card payments in today’s world. These pre-certified solutions save time and money by allowing ISVs to piggyback on their gateway partner’s PCI-DSS certification. Modern-day companies are under constant threat of cyber attacks. These attacks often result in significant data breaches. Protect yourself and your clients by implementing a proven, secure, and certified solution today.

How are my clients and I, protected?

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can limit their PCI security burden by partnering with a payment gateway utilizing a semi-integrated architecture. The best solutions enable your application to easily send commands and receive responses from terminals that comply with point of interaction encryption, also known as point-to-point encryption or P2PE. 

How do I choose the right solution?

The various payment gateways offer a wide range of unique features and capabilities. Some have great flexibility in offering multiple processing platform integrations, while others focus on developing a robust solution with a single processor. It is important to consider many variables unique to your specific requirements when considering a payment gateway partner. What OS are you running? Is your application web-based? Is your solution attended or unattended? Don’t worry, our team is prepared to ask you the right series of questions to quickly identify the gateway partner or partners well suited to your needs.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is another highly sought-after feature in a gateway partner. By tokenizing card data, gateways enable application designers to reference previous transactions without storing sensitive account numbers. Tokens can be used for refunds when the card isn’t present, or also accommodate a recurring billing functionality.

What about reports?

Reporting is another feature that should not be forgotten. Some gateways offer online account reconciliation portals where users can generate and schedule customized reports. Some gateway reporting tools offer a SOAP interface for porting gateway-hosted transactional data into the accounting backend of your POS or kiosk application.
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