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  • Prioritizes and secures payment data

  • Automatic failover/ fallback guarantees payment completion, even if your connection goes down

  • 24/7 QoS management, that monitors your connection quality and optimizes data transfer

EnigmaNet gets the best out of your existing connection, regardless of your service provider. Our solutions keep your payment data transfers fast, efficient, and secure. Plus, they're cost effective and easy to install.

Can you rely on your current connection? We combine a private network with an automatic failover/fallback option. This enables your connection to automatically access another network connection (such as 4G/5G) when your primary connection fails. For maximum redundancy, you can add more than one backup network connection.

Our tech ensures your payment data bypasses congested network routes, giving you your own private expressway. It also removes packet loss and optimizes every packet of data at byte level.

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