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ADA POS Dismount

Taylor ADA POS Dismount is a top-tier premium engineered and premium material built ADA assistive tech POS mounting using PCI privacy use (PTS-POI) requirements.


  • 50% IRS Tax Credit available (Assistive Tech).
  • Fits all POS Brands and Models securely.
  • ADA federal law regulation.
  • PCI accessibility/user privacy compliance.
  • VISA acceptance requirements.
  • CAL-FIN 13082 accessibility law.
  • Each has Fines and Enforcement.


Our patented POS Dismount is the only by-the-book ADA + PCI POS mounting that literally accomplishes the regulations, standards, and compliance requirements in the world. ADA Countertop and SSTM POS mounting.


Customers will notice. Word spreads fast. Taylor POS Dismount D2P securely fits any card reader terminal or hand-held brand and model, including tablets. Ward off ADA serial lawsuit filers.


Our patented POS Dismount is for all cardholder customers to use at checkout, -standing or in a seated position. Accessibly dismount, transact, and re-mount safely and securely. POS Dismount D2P must be placed within the ADA reach/range requirements.

ADA POS Dismount

    • Stainless steel
    • PoS Dismount specifically engineered for use by all people whether standing, using a wheelchair, scooter or of a limited height
    • POS ADA Stand features the ADA 309 Operable part which uses ADA 309.4 operations and also addresses ADA 302.8 limited reach and strength and ADA visual accommodation
    • Security - POS dismount guards against shoulder-surfing, camera recording etc, as long as the PIN entry feature using a retail businesses card and PIN reader is covered.
    • ADA approach is for approaching the POS device accessibly (left, right, front) approach. most grocery and other muti-lane retail have left and right approach and generally sales and service countertops have front approach. POS Dismount D2P has it all covered.
    • One standard blue and white ADA handle overlay is included. The optional 5 pack can be standard or customized with your business name, logo, special holidays, etc, for overtime wear. The vinyl handle covers are a durable vinyl sticker overlay and can be changed out at any time.
    • oiled security tether. Attaches to the mount base and POS card reader. Eases back in-place device re-mount. 3M VHB adhesive pad has a bond strength of 160 lbs.
  • Patent 9907416 – MADE IN USA

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