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Biometric Kiosks – Thales Biometric Devices Now Available at UCP!

Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP) has announced the expansion of its product portfolio to include Thales document readers and biometric scanners.

In today’s digital world where self-service is common, there is a need to provide different industries with products that address Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Multiple industries need a safe and secure way to ensure KYC compliance at their kiosks. Popular airport kiosks used for expedited security line access and border crossings are just two examples of document readers and biometric scanners being used in self-service. Other industries such as gaming, hospitality, and age-restricted retail also need a solution for automated KYC.

Thales’s line of document readers and their proprietary software can read and compare identification documents against an expansive and up-to-date worldwide library of government-issued ID templates. Their readers take multiple high-resolution images of ID documents like passports and ID cards and check the image for embedded security features against the issuer’s template to authenticate the document. When used in combination with ID authentication and identity-verification software, integrators can go a step further and ping supported ID issuer databases to confirm the legitimacy of the document.


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