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Credit Card Hardware - End Of Life: Is it the end of the world?

When a device has an End of Life (EOL) notice out, people tend to have a “stop the presses” type of reaction. But fear not POS solution providers and merchants! Terminal EOL notices come out far in advance of when you have to stop using them in favor of newer models. EOL consists of a few key milestones. Below we will shed a little light on what it all really means.

1.      Last time buy date: Think of this as the deadline to RSVP to your device’s retirement party. It’s UCP’s last chance to order from the manufacturer, and the last time they will procure parts to manufacture new devices. UCP will continue to sell the device as long as the manufacturer’s and our supply lasts.


2.      Last ship date: This is the last day that the manufacturer will ship the device. UCP will continue to ship the device until we run out.


3.      End of support: This is when the manufacturer’s warranty reaches its final chapter. But wait, there’s a twist! Even after this date, if your device needs a helping hand, we’ve got your back. UCP will accept RMAs after the end of support date subject to parts availability with the manufacturer or if issue can be remedied without replacement parts.


4.      PCI-PTS expiration date: The grand finale… The PCI Council recommends you not deploy the device after this date. That said, if your processor and solution provider allow the deployment, there are no PCI police coming to get you.


1.      Will my terminal stop working after the PCI-PTS expiration date?


No, it’s not a technical doomsday. Your terminal won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight. It will keep on ticking like the trusty gadget that it is!


2.      Do I need to replace terminals after their PCI-PTS expiration date?


No. The only time you would need to replace a terminal in the field is if the PCI Council changes their specifications to include something your terminal is not capable of. The last notable time this happened was when SSL was replaced by TLS.


3.      If my terminal is in its EOL stages, can I buy spares to keep my estate running with the same terminal(s) longer?


Yes, you can replace a terminal in your estate with a spare or expand your existing estate after the terminal’s PCI-PTS expiration date.

So, there you have it, folks! End of Life might sound like the end of the world, but don’t worry the sky isn’t falling. It might even be an opportunity for thrifty shoppers to pick up brand new devices at  bargain prices. Keep calm, carry on, and let’s embrace the future, one device at a time!


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