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Using Facial Matching + Document Authentication on Self-Service Kiosks

As businesses depend more on self-service kiosks to shorten lines, minimize personnel needs, and offer age-restricted items; they must carefully consider improving security and offer an efficient solution to validate the identity of their customers.

Thankfully, ID authentication technology is broadening these capabilities with solutions that enable these unmanned stations to support use cases like enrollment, hotel check-in and check-out, building access, financial transactions, airport security, marijuana and alcohol dispensing, pharmaceutical pick-up, and more.

A new era for self-service kiosks

When consumers think of self-service kiosks, they frequently picture retail self-checkout stations or ATMs, but kiosk manufacturers and software integrators have made far more "lightweight" installations feasible. Kiosk applications exist that use a simple mount for a camera-equipped laptop or can simply sit on a desk.

A kiosk station with very sophisticated ID authentication capabilities may be placed for a lot less money and with a smaller footprint than people think, even with the addition of an ID card reader or a badge printer. Contrary to what you would think, this kiosk technology is easily deployable in more locations and for a multitude of uses.

How does it work?

This solution combines the power of Thales’s Facial Matching Platform with its trusted document readers to authenticate individuals against their presented ID document – proving ownership, validity, and authenticity.

Facial Matching + Document Authentication


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