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Cogent CSD101i Scanner

CSD101i is a compact single-digit FBI/PIV certified fingerprint scanner offering on-board processing of the captured fingerprint image, compression of the image, and encryption of the captured image and extracted minutiae. It supports industry-leading ML-based software fake finger detection.  


This makes CSD101i ideal for high-security applications like network biometric authentication, authenticating biometric travel documents, identity verification, and many others.


  • Easy to use: Intuitive single finger scanner – Acquisition driven by a software interface explaining which finger to place and the result of the acquisition 

  • LFD: Patented technology for Liveness Detection

  • FBI PIV certified – FAP10

  • Easy Integration: MultiScan SDK - Multi-OS compatibility – OEM module available

  • Small Footprint: 43gr only

Cogent CSD101i Scanner

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