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Self 7000 & 8000

Ruggedized and secure configurations, built for outdoor and intensive use cases


  • Accepts multiple payment types and complies with the latest standards

  • Dual form factors allow for easy retrofit into existing kiosk cutouts

  • Reduces vandalism and fraud due to its metal construction and embedded security features

  • Provides a user-friendly interface enhancing the customer experience

  • Addresses multiple self-service vertical markets



Built for outdoor kiosks and designed for intensive use cases, the Self/7000 & Self/8000 configuration is shock and vandalism resistant (IK10 for Self/8000, IK10+ for Self/7000), waterproof (IP65 for Self/8000) and water & dust resistant (IP44 with drainage holes for Self/7000).


The Self 7000 & Self/8000 configuration is the first self-service configuration to be PCI PTS v6 certified. The in-house hybrid reader entry mouth is secured by RGB LEDs, metal shutter and a sensor. The PIN entry device includes a presence detector to detect skimmer insertion. Multiple patents contribute to the overall device security.

User friendly

The Self/7000 & Self/8000 configuration is user intuitive because of its colour display (adjustable brightness according to ambient light), its presence detector which automatically lights up the keyboard for night time use, card reader LEDs to allow for easier card insertion, and its ability to play WAV files for better voice assisted guidance.


Self/7000 embeds a full set of connectors (USB, Serial, Sound, LAN) to support multiple use cases. In addition, the optional add-on modules (already available with the Self all-in-one terminals) can extend the terminal capabilities with MDB connectors or wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, 4G).


The Self/8000 is compliant with EVA EPSv2 and  provides an easy upgrade path from the iUP250. The Self/8000 with the alternative form factor will  be able to replace competitive legacy configurations. The Self/7000 & Self/8000 modular design ensures sustainability and scalability for any kiosk.


The Self Series feature add-on modules allow for easy upgrade and scalability of the configuration to meet future needs. For example, a 5G add-on module is planned in the coming years.


Packing a full feature set into a cost efficient design is the goal of the Self/7000 & Self/8000. PCI v6 certification makes commissioning and removal switches for development purposes no longer required. As a TETRA solution, the existing TETRA applications and the full suite of software development tools are available.


The Self/7000 can be used in a card reader-only configuration for scenarios that do not require a PIN pad. The modular design provides the flexibility needed for self-service.

Self 7000 & 8000

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