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Specialists in accepting credit card payments

Unattended Card Payments Inc. are specialists in EMV compliant Hardware & Software Solutions for attended and unattended use cases in the North American market.

Our Mission

Working with our partner suppliers we offer off-the-shelf, pre-certified EMV and PCI-DSS-compliant solutions. We help our clients understand their options and select the best fit for their application. We are not tied to one manufacturer or solution provider, and pride ourselves on being able to provide independent and informed recommendations to our customers.

UCP was formed based on 20 years of experience in the UK and European markets, during which time EMV technology was first introduced. In partnership with our sister company, Hemisphere West Europe Ltd, we are well positioned to offer advice and help our clients seeking to operate in either region. Contact us today for a free consultation! 

Our Products

Our Products

Unattended Solutions


Attended Solutions


Mobile and Ecommerce


Biometric & Identification


Our Processor Partners

Here at Unattended Card Payments Inc. (UCP), we like to make things easy for our clients. Below you will find a listing of processing partners we work with

Unattended Card Payments -  EMV compliant Hardware and Payment Gateway solutions
Unattended Card Payments -  EMV compliant Hardware and Payment Gateway solutions

On each of their individual pages, you will find information about their capabilities and strengths. Each processor’s page will also point you in the right direction to get a rate quote and apply for a merchant account. 

Here are a few helpful tips on how to streamline the quote and application process:

  1. Be prepared to provide your business name and contact information.
  2. Be able to provide a detailed description of your business.

  3. Have an idea of your average transaction value and the number of transactions per month you might need.

  4. What types of payments do you want to accept? (Credit, Debit, ApplePay, or other Digital Wallets)

  5. What card brands do you want to accept? (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

  6. Lastly, if you have any historical data from a previous merchant account or other location that is very helpful.

Best practices in calculating your historical transaction data: Choose an average month and determine the average transaction value, the number of transactions processed with each card brand, and the total dollar amount of transactions that month by card brand.

Unattended Card Payments -  EMV compliant Hardware and Payment Gateway solutions

Powertech has worked with UCP for the past few years on two point-of-sale projects. UCP is always responsive and helpful, going out of their way to provide technical guidance and support. They have also been a strong team player, working closely with our software developers to make our projects happen. UCP is a solid and reliable partner, and the people at UCP are always a pleasure to work with.

Karin Garandza

Electrical Engineer, Powertech Labs Inc


Our Latest News

No one else offers the complete solution of hardware, payment gateway, and acquirer choice for attended, unattended, mobile, and online markets.

Learn about how we accomplish this, our latest news, blogs, and more!

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